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Transfer Series

By using bright smashing colours, unusual and provoking arrangements or radical picture extracts, Herker draws our eyes to familiar, but hardly noticed day-to-day items. He surprises with seemingly banal objects from our closest surroundings and invites us to develop a new, individual point of view. Herker´s work transfers the own four walls into maybe world changing situations and vice versa. His visual language breaks ethnic, political and social borders and plays in an ironical and satirical way with the associative aspects of his motifs. The artist combines in his work a compelling, aesthetic force with subversively critical, moral and philosophical messages.

Its always my generation75x90 cmAcrylic on canvas, 2011

Cut75x115 cmAcrylic on canvas, 2011

Festival Salzburg75x90 cmAcrylic on canvas, 2013


transfer series

Bizzare feelings100x100 cmAcrylic on canvas, 2014

x-rated, so what140x170 cmAcrylic on canvas, 2013

Don Quijote100x140 cmAcrylic on canvas, 2013

The daily shopping climax180x400 cmAcrylic on canvas, 2012

Purity120x140 cmAcrylic on canvas, 2010

Running the endless mile180x240 cmAcrylic on canvas, 2008