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the social sculptures

Herker´s SOCIAL SCULPTURES are designed as so-called "Art in Public Projects. They are set in public areas. Due to their original, performance-like character they embody a counterpart to the painted work of the artist. The special creation process of these lavish big project is as important as the creative result itself. I contributes to a very high degree to the transmission of the intendet messages. The "Social Sculptures" are based on a "system of many hands, the single person feels part of the whole". Herker transforms people of all age groups and all social standards into artists. He invites men, women and children to take part in the creation of a collective piece of art. Over days and weeks, huge colourful paintings - actually "Grid Paintings" - are developed at selected places with the help of sometimes even thousands of helpers. With the ingenious painting method following a colour-number code, that is also used in the "Grid Paintings, Herker manages to bind masses of people together in one shared and constructive event.

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Raaba Primary School2011, AUSTRIA

"Can you identify?"German Swiss International School2007, HONGKONG

"Reappearance of the blue sky"Mega Box2007, HONGKONG

"The Chengdu-Project"2013, CHINA