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Nothing Series

Nothing #7100x120 cmAcrylic on canvas, 2013

With this series Herker pokes fun at the Photorealist painters. From the beginning of Herker´s career his intentions were totally different to the photorealistic painters. (eg. Sabine Friedrich, graduation thesis, titled "Emil Herker - the Concept of Reality in Photorealism"). Herker attaches the greatest importance to the content and context of his pictures, similar to the Pop artists. For art critics and curators all over the world Herker´s work is much more Pop Art than Photorealism.

The shade100x150 cmAcrylic on canvas, 2011

Nothing #1180x100 cmAcrylic on canvas, 2013


nothing series

Nothing #575x120 cmAcrylic on canvas, 2012

Nothing #475x90 cmAcrylic on canvas, 2012